1965 Photos Of Tony Alicea and his Band The Stokes
of San Juan, Puerto Rico Taken by Penny Einmo (Antilles High School)


I am on the left. Then Raymond (rear) and Adrie.

Adrie (drummer). Ft. Buchanan's Teen Club.

Gettin' into a brand new Valiant.

Practice at Adrie's San Patricio Home
(huge property w/pool and forest as backyard) above and to the right.

Teen Club

Me and Maureen

Short-timer sax player Louie ("el Lleguo")

Raymond Files. Probably 14 years old.

Friends. Bass player Walter (center) was probably 13.


Teen Club

Penny on center, Adrie left of her and me on extreme right.

More Teen Club


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The year after (1966)....
Then in 1968 & 1969 we were not children anymore....