The Stokes at St. Thomas in 1968 & 1969

Sittin' On Top Of The World!
Sittin' On Top Of The World! (1968)
Drummer Adrian
Our drummer Adrian. (1968)
Balcony at Duffy's
A Balcony at Duffy's.
Creeque's Alley
Gang Hanging Out at Creeque's Alley.
Tony, Raymond and Adrian
The Fab 3 (Top left not
member of band).
Girls, Girls, Girls
Terri (blue-white bells) and Jane.
Gonchy and Orly
Gonchy and Orly.
With Doorman Jim
With Duffy's Doorman Jim.
Mary Ann
Mary Ann (1968)
Nina (left) and who?
Nina (left) and ??? (1968)
Another Fan
A Fan.
A Fan Named Patience
A Fan named Patience (winner of Best Legs 1968).
Stage at Duffy's
Stage at Duffy's
Kids Having Fun
Timmy, Tom, Stevie, Gary and other 'hangers' at Trader Dans
The Bar
Bar at Duffy's. There is where we watched live, the 1st Moon landing on July 20, 1969.
At around 10PM+ we stopped playing at the bar so that we all could watch Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. Where were you !?
Our Friend Ricky
Rino, Orly and Ricky
Our Friend Ricky with Rino (Challengers) and Orly.
My Rose Mary
Rosemarie Rossi (1969)
En San Juan, 1968
Back in San Juan (I am not in the picture).

This is the message that we left on the wall of Duffy's when we left St. Thomas in 1968.
The oldest (me) was 18, the youngest one, Vincent (Vicente) who made this painting (see below), was 16. Unbelievable!
Me posing with my 1965 Fender Jazzmaster in 1969,
our last time at Duffy's (of 3).
Eating Hot Dogs
The Band on a Sunday
Me Again.
In The Secret Place
Me Again in Front of The Secret Place.
Safe Sex
Me Advising Safe Sex Then...
Mary Ann
Mary Ann (1968)
My Rose Mary
Rosemarie (1969)
My Rose Mary

Liz Jiménez and me (1969)
El Genio
Our 16 Yr. Old Genius VICENTE RIVERA FUSTER (RIP). Master guitarist and keyboardist and as it turned out, painter too! He inscribed onto the walls of Duffy's, our state of being at the moment we left St. Thomas in 1968. (See right.)
Master Opus
This is the Finished Painting. (See what we wrote at the top of the painting in a photo above.) Need Say No More
A Sunday In St. Thomas
Deserted Sunday in St. Thomas (1968)
My Beautiful Rose Mary
Beautiful Rosemarie (1969)
The Fab Four are to the right. (The guy at the left was a fan.)
The Fab Four (1968)
Rosemarie in NY, age 16?
Rosemarie in NY, age 16? (OCT '68)
Rosemarie in NY, age 16?
More Rosemarie in NY (1968?)
Rosemarie's sister
Rosemarie's younger sister Carolyn (1969)
Liz and
Liz and who?? (1969)
Who is she?
Unknown fan... (1969)
Le Club
Le Club. How many great nights did
we spend there?! (1969)
Le Club
Dee Dee in Duffy's Guest House hall (1968)
Le Club
The mountain as seen from Duffy's roof
looking north (1968)
Creque's Alley
Creque's Alley on a Sunday (1968).
Duffy's Guest House is first top left balcony
They called him Swiftee (1968)
unknown dude
Another hippie at Duffy's (1968)
Vicente ("Hendrix") Rivera Fuster (1968). The Best!

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