Tony and Ray Live at The Crow's Nest in Ridge, Long Island, NY


By Tony Alicea

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This Website contains the acoustic performance of Raymond Files and Tony Alicea (yours truly) at The Crow's Nest club in Ridge, Long Island, New York the night of Friday December 2, 1977. The club was (and maybe still is?) located on Route 25 one mile west of William Floyd Parkway. Tony plays lead acoustic (Ovation) guitar and Raymond is the lead singer and also plays rhythm guitar. The titles are followed by the playing time in minutes and seconds and by the MP3 file size.

Both Tony & Ray were part of the early rock music movement of the sixties in Puerto Rico. They went through all the vagaries and the highs and lows associated with playing in a successful 1960s rock band at a very early age.

TitleTimeHigh Quality (HQ) MP3
I've Just Seen A Face 3:10 3.0 MB
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 2:23 2.4 MB
The Letter 1:58 2.1 MB
Homeward Bound 2:31 2.6 MB
Teach Your Children 2:38 2.8 MB
White Rabbit 2:25 2.5 MB
Yesterday 2:01 2.0 MB
Eight Days A Week 2:48 3.0 MB
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay 3:15 3.4 MB
The Night Before 2:24 2.5 MB
Time In A Bottle 2:25 2.5 MB
California Dreaming 2:35 2.8 MB
Norwegian Wood 2:12 2.3 MB
As Tears Go By 2:38 2.3 MB
If I Fell 2:15 2.4 MB
Mr. Tambourineman 2:14 2.3 MB
Dancing In The Street 4:13 4.3 MB

You are all welcome to visit Tony Alicea's home page. It contains a few first-hand anecdotes related to the history of 1960s rock music in Puerto Rico.


Psychedelic Bar
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